About Us

At the United Church of Christ Church Building & Loan Fund, we help finance the present and future church.

And we help to create the places where people of faith gather together for worship, service, and community transformation.

The Church Building & Loan Fund is dedicated to assisting new and renewing congregations with loan programs, capital campaign services, planning (Partners in Building) and technical assistance programs (Partners in Vision), as well as a list of other services and programs.

We offer financing for the purchase, construction, or renovation of church buildings, meeting houses, parsonages/rectories and other facilities used by churches of not only the United Church of Christ, but also any Christian church -- without limitation to sect, denomination or name.  

We assist churches with land site purchases, existing building purchases, renovations, energy improvements, environmental upgrades, and building construction.  By providing information, education, consulting services, and low-cost financing to young, emerging and renewing congregations, the Church Building & Loan Fund fulfills its purpose of advancing the Gospel's mission.

Founded in 1853, the organization that is now the Church Building & Loan Fund was the first church building loan fund in the United States.  We are financially strong and operate according to current banking standards and regulatory requirements; however, we do not charge fees or points on any of our loan products. In addition to financing, we offer products and services that most banks do not provide to churches.

Today, more than 550 churches from across the United States are our loan partners -- from Maine to California, and everywhere in between. We make loans of up to $2.5 million at below-market interest rates, and we can partner with other lenders for larger projects. We have funds available for immediate disbursement, and we are ready to serve your church.  Ready to get started?