Loan Programs

God is still building, and we're here to help.

The United Church of Christ Church Building & Loan Fund's loan programs assist new and renewing congregations with their various financing needs.  Loan programs, include:

Site-Purchase Loans
Site-purchase loans are for the purchase of a first-unit church building site.  A down payment of 30% of the appraised value or cost (whichever is lower) is required.  Loan balances will be rewritten as part of a construction loan within five years of origination.  Apply now!
Loan terms subject to change.

Construction Loans
Construction loans are for the construction of a first-unit church building.  The loan term is 20-30 years with a fixed interest rate.  Equity requirement is a minimum of 30%. Apply now!
Loan terms subject to change.

Building Purchase Loans
Building purchase loans are for the purchase of an existing building.  A down payment of 20% of the appraised value or cost (whichever is lower) is required, and the loan term is 20-30 years.  The interest rate is fixed. Apply now!
Loan terms subject to change.

Refinancing of existing church building loans are also available.  Rates and terms are similar to building- and site-purchase loans, and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Contact us for more information.

Small Loans
Small Loan can go up to $100,00 with a down payment of 10% of the loan amount requested. The loan terms are 5 – 10 years and interest rates between 4.50% - 4.875% according to the ability to repay and the purpose of funding. Apply now!
Loan amounts, rates, and terms are subject to change.

Disaster Recovery Loans
The Church Building Disaster Recovery program provides low-interest loans for post-disaster re-building.   Financing up to $1 million is available to repair or replace disaster-damaged property owned by a United Church of Christ congregation or by any Christian church regardless of denomination or religious affiliation. Church leaders must demonstrate that the congregation has a vibrant, active membership, strong community engagement, and has the ability to repay all loans.  Contact us for more information.

Church Building Energy & Environmental Loan Program
This program designed to provide churches with low cost financing for capital projects that result in increased energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, and/or reduced environmental impact of the church building.   Up to $100,000 in financing will be made available to a church for energy efficient lighting, upgrading or replacement of HVAC systems, energy efficient windows, insulation, hot water heating systems, boilers, wiring, switches and other electrical infrastructure, permeable pavement systems, bioswale installations, geothermal systems, solar panels, wind power and other renewable energy systems.   Contact us for more information.

Balance Sheet and Income and Expense Report
Church Building and Loan Fund borrowers are required to submit yearly financial reports. The required Balance Sheet and Income and Expense Report can be downloaded here.