Today, more than 550 churches from across the United States are our loan partners, and we are ready to serve your church.

The Church Building & Loan Fund services include loan programs, capital campaign services, planning (Partners in Building) and technical assistance programs (Partners in Vision), as well as a list of other services and programs.

Loan Programs
Our loan programs including site-purchase, construction, and building purchase loans.  Learn more >>

Capital Campaign Services
Expert capital campaign services include free information meetings, campaign guidance, feasibility studies, and task-specific training.  Learn more >>

Partners in Building
The Partners in Building program fully prepares new and renewing churches who are looking to begin a church building project or purchase real estate in the next 6 to 24 months.  Learn more >>

Partners in Vision
The Partners in Vision program provides planning and technical services to church leaders that need help with complex church real estate initiatives.  Learn more >>

Other services and programs
Other newly announced services and programs include building and energy environmental programs, mortgage repayment programs, and church building disaster recovery.  Learn more >>