Other Services and Programs

The Church Building and Loan Fund offers a variety of other services and programs for new and renewing congregations. These services and programs, include:

Church Building Resource Manual
Learn more about the church development process, including the roles and responsibilities of key professionals, guidance on the selection of professionals, structuring contracts and payment terms, estimating preliminary budgets, and tipes for ensuring the project's success.  This manual is designed for church leaders who are looking to purchase, rehabilitate or build a house of worship.

Special Mortgage Repayment Incentives
At times, we offer incentive programs to encourage congregations to voluntarily repay special mortgages they hold from Church Building & Loan Fund (or its predecessor organizations).  Churches holding a no-interest special mortgage are not required to repay as long as the congregation remains in the United Church of Christ, worships in the property and continues to own it; however, when these mortgages are repaid, the church allows Church Building & Loan Fund to use these dollars to further spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through new and renewing congregations.  Incentive programs may include up to a 25% credit of the principal balance. Contact us to learn more about this program.

Lease-to-Own Program
The Lease-to-Own Program is designed to assist growing new churches to accumulate funds toward the down payment for the purchase of a building, land site, or new church construction while the church is leasing its current worship and meeting space.  Contact us to learn more about this program.

Contact us to learn more about this program.