Getting Started

Do you have little or no experience in the church building process?

And are you a new and renewing congregation who is planning to purchase land or a building — or begin a church building project — in the next 6 to 24 months?

The process begins when interested and qualified churches attend one of several Partners in Building events held each year.  At these events, church leaders learn:

• the steps to select and purchase real estate
• the importance of church insurance
• the basics of building design, construction, and renovation, and
• the Church Building & Loan Fund loan approval process.  

Learn more about the Partners in Building program.

Or is your church all ready to secure financing?

If your church is beyond the inquiry and planning phase and is ready to secure financing from the Church Building & Loan Fund, you may begin by completing a loan application and submitting all required documentation.  The application is designed to provide a comprehensive view of your congregation's demographics, church history, core values, vision, ministry and mission -- and a thorough financial profile of your church.

Loan approval criteria include both the ability to repay (from a combination of operating income and capital campaign proceeds), and a track record of active participation in the respective United Church of Christ association and/or conference (for non-UCC churches, other participation criteria is considered).

Loan applications are processed upon receipt and submitted to the Church Building & Loan Fund Board of Directors for approval.  Funds are limited and not all requests can be granted.  In most cases, approvals can be obtained within 30 days of submission of a completed application.

Learn more about the Church Building & Loan Fund loan programs.